Personal interests:


particularly Australian Shiraz.  The shiraz (formerly known as "hermitage") vines in the Barossa valley (outside Adelaide) are up to 150 years old and produce an amazingly intense red wine that varies between fruity and leathery.  Many of the best ones, such as Rockford's Basket Press shown here, are hand produced by small wineries and are quite difficult to come by in the US.


My wife and I are major tennis fans and enthusiastic club players.  We're on a USTA mixed doubles league team.


Museums and other Neat Places

And this is one of the neatest: It's Kev Rohrlach's personal collection, which he made into a museum. He has everything from rocks to rockets, costumes, old steam engines,, and technological oddities like a six-cylinder engine with only 5 moving parts (really!). The museum is between Tanunda and Nuriootpa in South Australia.

This picture shows me, my wife Sandy, and Kev in the museum in 1991.

Very sadly, Kev died in an automobile accident since the first version of this page.  Word is that the museum is being sold off piecemeal sometime in 2001.